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Bamboo and Ceramic Kitty Dinner Set & Elevated Feeding Stand

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Get your furry family even more excited about meal time with the Bamboo and Ceramic Kitty Dinner Set!

With multiple designs to choose from, this plate set offers a tilted feeding angle to keep your cat's joints healthy for a long time while sporting subtle yet adorable designs made from materials that are safe and delicate on every cat's skin.

Complete with a wire stand to give your kitty a raised feeding area.

This elevated feeding station provides some irrefutable benefits:

  • Your cat's dishes are up off of the floor providing a more sanitary environment for their food
  • The elevated platform is easier to reach for the ailing or injured cat-caretaker.

Some cats may appreciate a raised feeding station for:

  • More comfortable position
  • Reduced indigestion
  • Less mess at mealtime