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Cat Dining Table Raised Feeding Station

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This lovely bamboo dish stand comes in single wide or double wide, with option for ceramic or stainless steel bowls.  It will make for a lovely spot for your cat to have mealtime!  Perfect for the feline who prefers to stand more upright when eating and drinking.  These tilted feeders make it easier for your cat to reach its food and drink.  Great for geriatric / mature furry friends who have a harder time crouching down.  The tilted feeder is complete with anti-slip grip to help prevent spills.

This elevated feeding station provides some irrefutable benefits:

  • Your cat's dishes are up off of the floor providing a more sanitary environment for their food
  • The elevated platform is easier to reach for the ailing or injured cat-caretaker.

Some cats may appreciate a raised feeding station for:

  • More comfortable position
  • Reduced indigestion
  • Less mess at mealtime